Wednesday, December 14, 2016

It was everything I expected and more

It was everything I expected and more. We spent a lot of time pre-op talking about design, about my mixed ethnicities and how that plays into the aesthetics of my face and where my hairline lands, drew out a preliminary line we all liked and then the next day spent quite a bit of time fine tuning it until we hit on the winner. My wife and I were completely impressed and pleased with the design and the result. The doctor's demeanor was also just amazing - calm, helpful, supportive, informative - and he had a real eye for design. I could tell he wasn't just taking measurements and applying a formula - he was going for a felt-sense of the aesthetic, which is exactly what I was wanting in a hair transplant doctor.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Awesome service all round!

The reason I am writing this review is due to the awesome service I have received! From the outset when I booked my free consultation, I had a good stream of communication, from confirming my appointments via text message, any questions that I may have and the emails sent to me were full of detail and lots of information! In fact, after reading the emails you would have little if any questions as they seem to cover it all. 

Up to the date of my surgery I was contacted by my patient coordinator who has been brilliant throughout. I had her mobile number and texted her anytime I had a question or concern. In fact I did have a number of questions just before my surgery and listed these all and had a conversation with my coordinator, who really knows her stuff – very knowledgeable young lady! I did not feel like I was being rushed to get off the phone etc. Good customer service is rare these days and when you are spending thousands on a hair transplant, you want to make sure you have full peace of mind and I made sure I asked anything I was not sure of and Jessica was always at hand to answer these for me. 

On the day of my surgery, I could not have been looked after any better than I had done. The surgeon and technicians were superstars on the day, constantly asking if I was comfortable and making little adjustments to ensure I was 100% comfortable and pain free. They were down to earth individuals yet professional too and I am glad I did not take any DVD’s or books with me. I was talking to the team throughout the day and it was a blast!! I actually miss the team. It was a long day but did not feel like it and the team did not rush at all and the professional service I received was 110% throughout the day with no slack whatsoever! In fact those guys deserve some recognition! 

I received my usual calls post surgery from my coordinator and she made sure I was good with everything and asked lots of questions to ensure I did not do anything to jeopardize my success. The medication you are prescribed to take the first week ensured I was pain free and I did not experience any major swelling. I healed within the first week in my donor area and middle of the second week in my recipient area and only experienced some slight discomfort in the first week. The instructions and guidelines that are provided give you all the information you need to be honest so you cannot go wrong in all honesty.

All I would say is make sure you ask all the questions you can think of, no question is a stupid one and you will feel much better for it. It has been just over two weeks for me and I am very happy with the results so far although a way to go yet!

Friday, September 9, 2016

My experience has been fantastic

My experience has been fantastic. The doctor as well as his staff were very welcoming and made any doubt or nervousness disappear upon arrival on surgery day. The staff's expertise and professionalism was impressive, they worked tirelessly until I achieved the hairline I desired - over 12 hrs, when the surgery was projected to be 8 hrs. I never felt like they rushed the procedure, they took their time, played music, made me relaxed, chitchatted with me, made some jokes and shared some laughs. It was these little details that made my experience so great, they treated me as a friend rather than a hair transplant candidate. The weeks following, I received followup from the staff, ensuring that I was following post-op instructions and that I was recovering appropriately. They were always so kind and answered all of my questions. You would think I was an A-list celebrity due to the gold standard quality I had received, but rather I was just a regular Joe who received superior service.