Friday, September 9, 2016

My experience has been fantastic

My experience has been fantastic. The doctor as well as his staff were very welcoming and made any doubt or nervousness disappear upon arrival on surgery day. The staff's expertise and professionalism was impressive, they worked tirelessly until I achieved the hairline I desired - over 12 hrs, when the surgery was projected to be 8 hrs. I never felt like they rushed the procedure, they took their time, played music, made me relaxed, chitchatted with me, made some jokes and shared some laughs. It was these little details that made my experience so great, they treated me as a friend rather than a hair transplant candidate. The weeks following, I received followup from the staff, ensuring that I was following post-op instructions and that I was recovering appropriately. They were always so kind and answered all of my questions. You would think I was an A-list celebrity due to the gold standard quality I had received, but rather I was just a regular Joe who received superior service.


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